Bertie and Bercie

So this is Bertie Betty Freebird Craig. He's a boy Budgie. I rescued him off of Swap n Shop where someone was giving him away because they had brought him home thinking he was a girl "Betty" and he turned out to be a boy and they did not want him anymore. Hence "Freebird". I named him Bertie. He's a super sweet little feathered angle. He falls off his perch sometimes at night when it is dark. I think he falls asleep so deeply he just topples off his perch. The other day he had a "blood feather" and I panicked and phoned the "Powell River Bird Lady" Powell river is small. If you do something in particular you run the risk of being named for that one thing. I used to sell homemade preserves at the farmers market and for a while I became the "Jam Lady" It's the truth. Odd place Powell River.

Anyway, the "Bird Lady" said it that the "blood feather" was nothing to worry about. But she and I got chatting abou…


I am so excited! I have a new addition to my guitar collection. It's a 1950's Dobro!!!! Isn't it gorgeous? I have always been fascinated by resonator guitars. I never really thought such a thing would pop up in my life. But this came available and I just could not resist! I bought it from an old guy who lives just up the street close by where I live. He is eighty years old and has some lovely guitars. It was great fun talking to him about guitars and looking at some of his. I think that I first developed sort of a fascination with resonator guitars in the late 1980's. At that time I lived in Port Alberni BC and I was involved with a folk music group. We sang and played instruments and we would get a different artist from out of town to come play once a month. I was always more of a singer than anything at that point but that was about the time I got fascinated by stringed instruments. Up until then I had only played wind instruments and only a little. I never mastered…

My garden this spring

My garden is starting to fill out so I thought I would post about it. I love this time of year. It's so delicious! I slept with all my windows open last night. It was so wonderful to feel the cool night air over my face. It smells so good. The cats just love having the windows open at night. keeps them busy and quiet so I can sleep. Peaches slept curled up against me. It was a good night. And just look at my pig! Maggie the Magnolia is in full bloom! Isn't she cute? I love that pig. I have a little piggy on my back porch step too.   I don't know what this bush is called. I call it my "orange ball bush" for it's flowers. I got a tone of it from my brother when he ripped it out of his yard to make room for his hen house. I love it. This is the first year it has started to flourish. Up till now it hasn't got many flowers. It looks nice this year though! In front is my white rugosa rose. I started that from just a half dead stick. it's hard to see it cl…


These are my guitars. I love them. I honestly barely play. I am just learning. Learning new things is good for the brain they say. So I have been re-learning music. I took music in school as a kid. I learned to play flute and sing. I also learned how to read music. But it's all a little foggy these days. My first guitar was the Ariana in the foreground. I painted it. It has some defects in the finish that I covered up. The bridge on it is lifting. But it's been that way since i bought it in 1995. So I don't think it's going to give out any time soon. I love it. It has a really big voice. It has been all over Canada with me. I never stayed any one place very long in my youth. In fact I never stayed long anywhere or had very many possessions most of my life. I just settled down the last ten years or so. Until then my guitar was one of the only possessions I hung on to. I never had more than I could fit in my car. Which was a Hyundai hatchback little thing. 
I got the b…

My Tiny House Inside

So today I thought I'd show some pictures of my tiny house. This is the inside of the front door. You can see my Art Doll cabinet and my Hello Kitty guitar. One of my fish tanks and the Sunflower linen curtains I made. I think my house is quite large for a tiny house. I have lots of room. I tried to get pictures that conveyed a sense of the roominess. But it is difficult to take nice photos in a small space.   I usually come in the back door of my house because that is where I park and it is a level entry which is nice. The back door opens into my mud room. This is a purely functional storage space where my hot water tank and laundry facilities are. I almost didn't want to take pictures as it is not nessesarly "pretty" to look at. But it holds all my fiber that I use to make fiber art. That is some bulky stuff. It fills multiple garbage bags. I keep it in plastic to keep moths out. As you can see everything in here is organized but it is "organized chaos"…

Leopard Hello Kitty Onesie

Check out my Leopard Hello Kitty Onesie 😂😂😂


I got my level one Reiki certificate. I am studying with Phil Russell. I am super loving it. I'd like to continue on with Reiki maybe get the level two in a couple years. Then think about getting my Reiki Master at some point. We shall see where this takes me. Already I am noticing a huge difference. It's amazing. I really got this mostly for the purpose of just treating myself. But it seems like it might become something more. I'm just planning on following where the energy takes me. And right now that leads me to want to try this out and see how it goes. To start with I plan only to treat friends and family.